MF moneyWorkers’ compensation insurance is insurance that provides lost income, medical benefits, disability benefits, and rehabilitative services for workers injured on the job, or while performing work-related duties.

As a business owner, you go to great lengths to provide a safe working environment for your employees, but when dealing with humans, accidents can happen.  That is when Workers’ Compensation Insurance can help.  Workers’ Compensation Insurance should be an important part of your risk management program.

Here are some proven ways to reduce your Workers’ Compensation costs:

  1. Screen all new hires. Complete background checks on all new hires.  Consider criminal background checks and drug tests as part of the hiring process.
  2. Have your agent check your experience mod once per year. Do this in the fall so any changes can be completed by year-end.
  3. Work with your agent and carrier to get claims closed quickly. Most insurers will be happy to meet with you to review open claims.
  4. Investigate every claim and look for ways to prevent further accidents.

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