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Cyber liability coverage (for data breaches) has evolved from just insurance for information technology companies to coverage that nearly every type of business should carry. From retailers, property managers, banks, contractors, distributors, restaurants and medical offices, many businesses are unaware of the severe data breach exposures they face. Any business not making an effort to protect the personal private information, either virtual or on paper, of employees, vendors and clients is seriously out of step with the emerging landscape of privacy law. Our office can provide your business with the right combination of coverages to fit your unique exposures.  Cyber risk insurance is still available at very reasonable premiums.

Cyber Risk Prevention Tips

  • Do not use the same password for all of your accounts. Log-ins associated with online banking, financial services and online purchases should have different passwords.
  • Install security software that is designed for your specific business.
  • Only connect to the Internet over secure, password-protected networks.
  • Don’t collect or maintain information that you don’t need.
  • Reduce the number of places where you store information.
  • Don’t store important information on lap-tops.
  • Password protect all important documents.
  • Review bank and credit card statements monthly.
  • Never email information using an unsecured Wi-Fi network.

If you have a standard business insurance policy you may not have adequate cyber liability protection. Let us work with you to provide the right combination of coverages unique to your business.

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Many of our insurers offer first and third party coverage to help protect your business from what could be an irrecoverable loss.  Contact us today and see how together we can protect your business from cyber liability.

Armstrong Timeshare Association (ATA) has been created exclusively for timeshare resorts and HOAs and to assist timeshare resort risk managers and brokers. Our products include comprehensive insurance programs designed specifically for the Timeshare and HOAs industries and the distinct insurance profile for which, often times, basic insurance does not adequately cover. The ATA program includes a property restoration component for major losses assuring minimal downtime and loss mitigation.