A recent study by a leading insurance research firm showed something we have been saying for years. When it comes to buying insurance most people are not just looking at price. There are many factors that will lead a person or business to select their broker.

Here are some things consumers consider when shopping for insurance:

  1. People want to be educated about the risks they face.
  2. Customers want their broker to ask questions about their family and business.
  3. Clients want to connect with, and be cared for, by their agent.
  4. Business owners want a partnership, not a salesperson.
  5. Most people want assurance that their coverage needs are met and that they are not just “sold” a product.
  6. Clients want to understand how their insurance works.
  7. Clients want good communication with their broker.

Price is part of the insurance buying process, but factors at less than 20% in the overall decision, according to Yana Glezina the director of brand and communications at Rocket Referrals, a leading insurance communications platform based in Des Moines, Iowa.