Halloween is fast approaching. Adults and kids alike love to dress up and get together with friends and neighbors and have a good time. It seems everyone wants to get in on the fun by decorating their homes and businesses as well. How could your resort miss out on all this fun!

All this fun could come at a price if not thought out beforehand. A little pre-planning can prevent unfortunate accidents that could turn out to be tragic for your resort and trying for you and your staff. Here are some pointers for ensuring your resort is a safe place during the Halloween season.


Review your Fire Safety Plan. This is a good time of the year to go over your plan and ensure fire exits are clutter free, portable extinguishers are at capacity and sprinkler systems are in good working order.

Are all of your lights working? Make sure you offer a well-lit path throughout your grounds.

Seasonal Decorations. Don’t go overboard with decorations as they can cause fires and injuries.

Candles. If using candlelit pumpkins, they should be placed on a sturdy table or counter and monitored by a designated person. Keep candles and jack-o-lanterns away from landings and doorsteps. (A better suggestion than using candles would be to use battery operated luminaries.)

from Armstrong Timeshare Association

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

Armstrong Timeshare Association (License #0I72697)